Beginning of CodemanBD

CodemanBD is an innovative edtech leader & best global skill development and IT training centers. The journey of CodemanBD started in 2017 with a big dream to bring applied education to the mass population at an affordable cost, breaking the barriers to quality education and distance learning.
From our beginnings in one classroom CodemanBD today has grown its presence to 10+ countries across the world. As the trusted learning
partner of 10,000+ local and international students, we bring the future of education to the present through technology-enabled, personalized and engaging learning journeys & any age of students are looking to upgrade their professional skills. 25+ team members, 10+ industry expert mentors and 15+ marketplace experienced support members are working in CodemanBD Team now.
Also CodemanBD facilitates the underprivileged, disadvantaged people, especially youth and women, with the best IT-related skills virtually and physically that make them confident to earn from local or international freelance based job and earn revenue for
themselves and for Bangladesh as well. Cumulatively our students earned $9.6M Revenue from international marketplaces.

Our Impacts

  • 10,000+ Local & International Students
  • Successful completion of 200+ Batches
  • $9.6 Million Revenue earned by students
  • 76,000+ Jobs Completed by our students
  • 200+ Batches conducted by our mentors

What We Teach

As the trusted learning partner of 10,000+ local and international students, we bring the Future of education to the present through technology-enabled, personalized, and
engaging learning journeys & for any age of students who are looking to upgrade their
professional skills. We offer below technical skills to promote a student for virtual earning from international marketplaces.

Our Courses

1. Full Stack Web Development

2. Ethical Hacking

3. Creative Front End

4. WordPress and eCommerce

5. Elementor and Shopify

6. Figma and WebFflow

7. Graphic Design

8. Lead Generation

9. Wix and SquareSpace

10. SEO Masterclass

Distance Learning / Online Learning

In 2017, CodemanBD introduced distance/ online learning first in Bangladesh. Because we understood the importance of online learning before 5 years.

Online Learning Facilities


Many students can’t attend offline classes as they stay in rural areas. Among the many benefits of an online learning, youll find virtual classrooms are great for people who are advancing their education while working.

Reduced Costs

Offline Education is kind of expensive, but virtual learning can provide a number of ways for students to save.

Increased Collaboration

Online students have better opportunities to collaborate with classmates through virtual group work and meetings.

Offline Learning

CodemanBD has offline batches also, We have campus in dhanmondi, dhaka and nearby students can come to learn in offline physically that make them confident enough and get instant support daily from our support team.

24/7 Expert Support Team

This is our most important value for any new learners. 15+ marketplace experienced support members are providing valuable and quality support to the students roster wise in online and offline. Any student can get 24/7 instant live support. When the students have such support they become confident and flexible. They can take below supports from our us:

1. International client support
2. Video Communication support with clients
3. Marketplace work related support
4. Topic/ Content related support
5. Assignment/ Mid term/ Final exam support

Learning on All Devices

Students can learn from any devices like Laptop, Desktop, Tab or Mobile.

Expert Mentors

Mentors encourage and enable another person’s professional or personal development. A mentor can help focus their efforts by setting goals and giving feedback. By establishing trust, the mentee understands that constructive criticism aims to build their professional growth rather than make them feel bad. We have 10+ industry expert
mentors who are engaged online, offline and one on one teaching.

Live One-on-One Private Tutoring

Beside the batches we have option to learn one-on-one private tutoring from our expert mentors from anywhere.

CodemanBD is the premier freelancing learning training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Besides, a seasoned professional and educator in the field of IT and freelancing, our institution stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of freelancing education.

CodemanBD is more than a training center – it’s a community of aspiring learners, passionate educators, and successful freelancers. Our mission is to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the global freelance marketplace.

Join CodemanBD today and start your journey towards a rewarding freelance career. Together, we can shape your future and redefine what’s possible.