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Fiverr Crash Program

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Course Features

  • Course Start: 20th AUG 2019
  • Students: 2448
  • Total Lecture: 13
  • Total Hours: 39 hours
  • Corse Length: 1 months
  • Day & Time: (Sat/Mon/Wed) 10pm - 1am
  • Skill Level: Beginner No Requisites
  • Topic: Fiverr, Freelancing mar
  • Marketplace: Fiverr / PPH / Indeed

🌀Fiverr Crash-10  : 

📌Course Start: 20-Aug-2019
📌Class Day & Time: SAT+ WED (10 PM – 12 AM)
📌Course Duration: 5 months 
📌Earn Start: after 3 months of course start (After 60% contents covered)
📌Course Payment: 3000 BDT (One Time)
📌Course Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/2386090398303430/

📢 CONTENT DETAILS: bit.ly/cmbd_new_course
📢 Fiverr Crash  CONTENT DETAILS:
➤ Payoneer Account Open
➤ Team wise Portfolio Crop / Behance-Flikr Upload for collection creation
➤ Fiverr Accont Open + Profile Set Up & Portfolio
➤ Fiverr 7 Gig Open(3+4 gigs)
➤ Fiverr Unique Marketing & Favorite Share(
➤ Fiverr App/ Account Refresher Set Up
➤ Fiverr Forum Activities/ Commenting & Reading & Tricks
➤ Twitter, Linkedin, facebook Followers Increase-(By target hashtag list/people)
➤ Gig Marketing @Twitter, Linkedin, facebook/Instagram – By Mentioning post share
➤ Fiverr Gig Marketing @Reddit/ Digg & Blog Sites
➤ Fiverr Gig Marketing @100+ Blogs
➤ Fiverr Gig Marketing @Pinterest
➤ Fiverr, Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook – 10 Bidding (Buyer Request)
➤ Fiverr Quick Reply Set Up – For each 7 gigs
➤ Behance/Flikr Collection – bit.ly Set Up –
➤ Fiverr Live Site Link(done by yourself) Set Up – To show client immediately
➤ Project Budgeting, Client Negitiation & GIG/Service Pricing
➤ Fiverr Levels & TOS / Order Cancel(Buyer VS Mutual Cancel) & Fiverr Warning
➤ Fiverr Order Completion Rate/ Positive Rating/ Response Rate
➤ Order Delivery Tricks & Late Submission Management
➤ Order Conversion & View Click Ration & Impression (how to increase)
➤ Fiverr Account Verify Process + What not to do during verification
➤ How to Add Payoneer account with fiverr & Withdraw From Fiverr
➤ 1000 Of Tricks On Fiverr To get fastest daily success in less then 1 months​

➤ NEW COURSE DETAILS: bit.ly/cmbd_new_course
➤ ভর্তির জন্য যোগাযোগ:
minhaz – 01871993300/ supti – 01518411952/ rinky – 01880073036

Admission procedures :
☃️ পে কোর্স ফি: minhaz – 01871-993300(Bkash Personal)
Or 018719933007- Rocket Personal
Or, 01921-134471(Alternative Bkash Personal)
☃️ পেমেন্ট করে এই ফর্ম পূরণ করো: bit.ly/cmbdpayment
☃️ পরে হতে চাইলে এই ফর্ম ফিল-আপ করো
(Confirm seat) : bit.ly/signup_cmbd

– Thanks 
Minhazul Asif 
Founder & Lead Instructor, CodemanBD

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Curriculum: 01 _ BASIC SKILL DEVELOPMENT(Online & Computer)

Episode 01: Intro & Ice Breaking Session + Mentor’s Intro + CMBD Online Platform & Grading Introduction + Leaders Activities
Episode 02: Extensions + Software + Web Tools + Bookmark Management + Google (Drive + Sheet + docs + Slide + keep + tasks) Management
ASSIGNMENT-1: install all extension & during using them take snap, upload all snap at google doc & submit it
Class Video:
Episode 03: NEW: Blogger.com | own service marketing (landermarketing.blogspot.com)
Episode 04: Own Branding & Social Media + Digital Marketing With Search Engine Optimization(SEO) + Google Business – For Featuring You
Episode 05: Computer basic – google – cloud – google dns(block contents) + search google better + twitter/linkedin adv search + keyboard shortcut
Episode 06: Computer & Online Security(Windows Defender / Google Setting / Search Privacy/ Malware Check – Scan – Remove)

Paid Content

Episode 07: Cpanel ALL in one(pw reset/email account/ database create / phpmyadmin/ clone database/ auto backup/ softaculus/ upload any website/ FTP & web DESK/ ip block
{ Stay Dedicated, No excuse on jobs \ studies
Most of the students rake the freelancing and skill development classes overall the course as, “Let’s Try – If I can Earn – That’s Fine!” But he is simultaneously tagged with job, university studies & family responsibilities.

{ Blindly Follow My Each Instructions

We Have 120+ assignments, Projects, Quiz, Final/ Mid Term. Just try finishing everything on time, in 2 months 40% skill development will finished along with 200+ portfolio buildup to show clients.

On 3rd month Fiverr/Upwork Crash – for 1 month (A speedy dropped out enabled crash will make you – “Successful Freelancers” – with market & client support forever.

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<1> WORDPRESS \ ecommerce < />

900+ students’s most popular & successful  wp & Ecommerce course.  I cover 58 lectures and after2 months after 40% skill development we run crash , and by our 24 hrs support  be sure SUCCESS IS YOURS!

<4> Fiverr \ Crash < />

Biggest success of cmbd causes for fiverr crash ! we have 1200 crash students who are working and getting job daily. 24 hrs support(clients + job) – will continue forever if you tagged with us.

<2> WEB DEV \ wordpress < />

Html\Css\Javascript\jQuery\wordpress\eCommerce are the topic I will cover. 1st 2 months – WordPress without coding will start – later after 2 months fiverr crash will make you successful!

<5> UPWORK \ crash < />

NO – accounts are taking Upwork from BD. We will approve your account and immediate bidding tricks & account management – bring us rising talent and top rated at Upwork .

<3> FRONTEND \ html-css-bs-js-jq < />

Its pure coded web development course and we gonna see – html-css (Bootstrap for responsiveness) – web animation and javascript functions and apply and also ready made jQuery plugin integrate at live front en site.

\ For Success_>

< Our guidelines on Basic computer and online platform utilities expertise make you confident!

< Premium and unique content make you skilled for earning.

< Marketplace and bidding expertise with client management and negotiations  bring  fast success of marketplaces .

<\ Each course of the program designed & comprises with < />

<marketplace support / client management >

Just after 2 months we start 1st fiverr market & next 4 months we will give support and skill development will ongoing!

<Computer & online Expertise>

To be successful you must know online utilities best utilisations and resource management, we initially teach you that!

<skill dev>
Discover the best chance to get ultimate career skills in IT industry and become a Pro!
counter1.svgBasic computer and online platform

< Our guidelines on Basic computer and online platform utilities expertise make you confident!

counter2.svgCover most valued 40% Skills

< Premium and unique content make you skilled for earning and get them from our vault. and these is open forever for you.

counter3.svg fiverr crash

< Marketplace and bidding expertise with client management and negotiations  bring  fastest success of marketplaces(even in 4 hrs)

counter4.svgSkill 60% + Upwork & PPH & Indeed

< by Upwork Crash we open your account & make successful also PPH & Indeed market we will cover />

what is an eCommerce is our featured course and most success came from this course, almost 881 students already take admission from previous 50 and all of them together and 2.3 million dollar from various Marketplace using this course knowledge and skills.

🧿🌀 Pay course free via Bkash: 01871-993300 Or  01921134471 | Rocket: 018719933007
🧿🌀  after payment complete the form: bit.ly/cmbd-pay

🧬 01880073036(rinky)

🧬 01880073031(supti)

🧬 01871993300(minhaz)

You can take support forever, you just have to tagged with CodmanBD and Tagged with success page and our community.

–  will run till 6 months

– You can start earning from next month

– the day of the course is Saturday and the time is from 10pm to 12 a.m.

by zoom from anywhere (we will train before class start)

By Google Classroom  (we will train before class start)

Yes, Obvipusly! you will get all of the class video : At Google Classroom

after 10 class, we will dropout who don’t cover 80% assignments

Yes, Fiverr Crash Is totally free with the course for CMBD students! But externally of you want to do only fiverr crash – you have to pay : 3000 BDT ONLY!

No. You have to pay 1000 BDT later when Upwork crash started! 

But externally without doing the course if you want to do UPWORK Crash Only – You have to pay : 4000 BDT 

Vault : means The hidden “Cave” Of “Wealth”

Yes CMBD Students have 85% market premium contents (Themeforest)- just need to apply vault. <br>

Vault Form: bit.ly/vault_form

 84% ছাত্ররা শুধুমাত্র কোর্স ফলো করেই সাপোর্ট নিয়ে ফ্রিল্যান্সিং মার্কেটে সহজেই EARN করছে, এই গ্রুপ এ তার কিছু  আইডিয়া পাবে: 

↬➺ www.fb.com/groups/CodemanbdSuccessStories

 সাপোর্ট এর জন্য আমাদের প্রত্যেকটি ব্যাচের জন্য ডেডিকেটেড অ্যাসিস্ট্যান্ট মিন্টুর এবং অনলাইন সাপোর্ট মেম্বার থাকে তারা টিম্ভিউয়ার এর মাধ্যমে তোমার পিসি তে গিয়ে সাপোর্ট দিয়ে থাকবে, যতদিন তুমি আমাদের সাথে কানেক্টেড থাকবে সাপোর্ট পেতে থাকবে – যেকোনো বিষয়ে –  ক্লায়েন্ট / ফ্রীল্যানসিং জবস সাপোর্ট / হোস্টিং সাপোর্ট

আমাদের বেশিরভাগই স্টুডেন্ট বিগেনার লেভেলের এবং অনেকেই থাকে হাউসওয়াইফ বা স্টুডেন্ট যারা হয়তো ফেইসবুক / ইউটিউব ছাড়া অন্য কিছু জানে না ।

তাদের সবাইকেই আমরা আস্তে আস্তে সাপোর্ট দিয়ে তুলে আনি, আমাদের কোর্স প্ল্যান ও বিগেনারদের জন্য সাজানো ,  আগের কিছু ব্যাচের ভিডিও দেওয়া হল ক্লাসগুলোতে স্টুডেন্ট রা কিভাবে মেন্টরকে কোশ্চেন করে এবং মেন্টর কিভাবে আনসার দেয় এগুলো দেখার জন্য – Justify yourself :: http://tutorial.codemanbd.com/elementor/

 Krishna Gopaul Paul
Krishna Gopaul Paul
Personally know this man who behind the CodemanBD, he is not a mentor only but also very good guide come friends and totally dedicated to his work. This is the place where you can put our faith with trust. He is committed to his work. Work is his passion. So keep in touch with him and codemanBD its a great honour for me
Sharif Tokder
Sharif Tokder
CodemanBD will be the great platform to start your journey as a “Coder”. Because the man Minhazul also a great human being. He has a great skill to guide the students and also exceptional techniques, which will be too much helpful for students. So, I think CodemanBD is perfect.
S M Rabby Islam
S M Rabby Islam
CodemanBD will be a great platform to start your journey as a “Coder”. Because the man Minhazul Asif Islam is not only a great mentor but also a great human being. He has a great skill to guide the students and also exceptional techniques, which will be too much helpful for students. So, I think CodemanBD is perfect.
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
At present, I am not a student of Minhazul Asif Islam, But I hope I am a student of Minhazul Asif Islam as soon as, I fully believe that minhazul Asif islam is the best freelancer in this world, And I also recommend he is the best helpful & coordinate person.Allah bless you
Rasel Miah
Rasel Miah
In my little freelancing career, i do not ever see such an as dedicated and friendly man. He is not only a code man but also a guru of web development or Freelancing. I salute him with a cordial respect

< All Courses />

WordPress & eCommerce

(With Freelancing)

৳ 8,000 ONLY

2378 Students Enrolled!

Best Course Of CMBD.
All WP students's admitted on it - 2.3 Million Dollars Earned By Students From WordPress.


Web Dev & WordPress

(With Frontend)

৳ 10,000 ONLY

1378 Students Enrolled!

* Contents: HTML-CSS-BS-JS-JQ-WordPress.
* Fiverr Crash Is Free
* Responsive Web/Frontend Is included!


Divi Theme & Builder

(Free For All)


53 Students Enrolled!

*** 2nd Largest builder, in 6 months 54,000+ sites made by DIVI! *** Divi is free now! by "DULAL" - Asst Mentor, Soon it will be paid.


Elementor & Jet Elements

(With Freelancing)

৳ 3,000 ONLY

49 Students Enrolled!

** Elementor / Jet & 28 3rd party add ons now create a industry for "ELEMENTOR" & All Themes/ industry/ demo - can be created by Elementor & brothers!


Fiverr Crash Program

(Free For CMBD Students)

৳ 3,000 ONLY

2448 Students Enrolled!

* Fiverr Crash course is Planned & Created By Minhaz
* 8500+ students from cmbd and channel get fiverr success - by Minhaz.


Upwork Crash Program

(With Freelancing)

৳ 4,000 ONLY

678 Students Enrolled!

cmbd launch first fiverr crash program in Bangladesh and with 30 days continuous market & client support 85% students get success


Lead Generation

(With Mailchimp)

৳ 6,000 ONLY

83 Students Enrolled!

* From 2012 Minhaz is best instructor & most successful lead generator of BD
*Contents: Find emails/phone/mailchimp/email bombing


Shopify & Woocommerce

(With Freelancing)

৳ 3,000 ONLY

42 Students Enrolled!

** Best skill for 2019-20 as already our aside India run all in online! ** By 2020 - BD all shop will be online store! Earn money by creating it!


Frontend Development

(HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jq)

৳ 4,000 ONLY

1299 Students Enrolled!

** For custom edit & to fulfil all client's requirements - FrontEnd is must ! ** So learn HTML/CSS/BS/JS/JQ for Responsive website !

Go Codemanbd Page
  • Minhaz: 01871993300
  • Rinky: 01880073036
  • Supti: 01518411952

Pay Bkash Personal: 01871993300

2.  After Payment Complete The Form: bit.ly/cmbd-pay