Every of my cmbd student & Zora IT Hosting user (Check malware before uploading anything)

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I have to say again on the issue.
Recently 3 domain/hosting accounts suspended – for malware upload/inject.


The email which sent to me by


Hello Minhazul.

We are very sorry about the delay getting back to yourself I have spoken with the relevant abuse department.

Please note unless we can get the original suspension cause restricted on your end the cPanel hosting account’s will remain unsuspended.

domain name(lets keep hidden) – Mass Email Spam

domain name(lets keep hidden)

Mass Spam / Malware

domain name(lets keep hidden) Major Load (Website using too much resources)

(I know my students either don’t know this or not aware on it .
Surely they didn’t do this for any bad intention.

But pls keep in mind, I have to answer them, when such incident happens. and all of you know I am giving uk. ssl could hosting and the hosting company don’t sell hosting at Bangladesh , not even south asif. I manage this as US’ client(from us)

Now if such incident happens again – I have to loose each one’s (1200+ domain) hosting access.


keep safe
1. A plugin is fresh now -tomorrow it can be injected by virus from your pc
2. so before uploading plugins, themes each time – check for virus/ malware.

Check Virus Before Install software or content

  • https://virusscan.jotti.org/
  • https://www.virustotal.com
  • https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search






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