Fiverr US English Basics Skills Test Answers

Fiverr US English Basics Skills Test Answers

Que: Mr. Weiss considers his company’s move to Canada to be_______.
Ans: successful

Que: Who_________ to inform him that his bid for the apartment renovation had been accepted?
Ans: Called Eric

Que:Russell doesn’t usually work on weekends._________, he will make an exception for this client.
Ans: However

Que:________sent you to deliver the printer?
Ans: Who

Que:PismoCorp spent _________ little on the renovation of their Berlin headquarters.
Ans: comparatively

Que:It Ms. Hernandez ________ for many years at an ad agency, she wouldn’t have so many clients as an independent contractor.
Ans: hadn’t worked

Que:Robert will stay at the job site until 6pm unless Tony ________ to replace him first.
Ans: comes

Que:The manufacturing operation _______ smoothly while Ms. Kurtz was on vacation.
Ans: ran

Que: If I ____________ how to get there. I would walk there by myself.
Ans: knew

Que:Ricardo’s boss ________ him telling the client how to use the software.
Ans: reminded

Que: If Brandon finishes his work by 5:00. He __________ us at the Rosewood Cafe.
Ans: will meet

Que: Three people thanked Ms Genet ________ the village of Newbrook in his speech.
Ans: for Mentioning

Que: The budget report for last year was very __________ researched.
Ans: well

Que: _____________, I will have the report done by next week.
Ans: Whether I take on another job or not

Que:Please continue to use the front entrance _______ a delivery is too large to fit through the door.
Ans: unless

Que:Do you remember _________ to the zoo when you were a child?
Ans: going

Que: ___________is an important ingredient in any soup.
Ans: Salt

Que: _______ the switch on the back of the machine do?
Ans: What does

Que: A huge traffic jam prevented Lila _________ getting to the airport on time.
Ans: from

Que: Five months after he was laid off. Javier succeeded ____________ another job.
Ans: to find

Que:We usually start with the marketing phase. even if we are not finished ________ the development of the product.
Ans: Up

Que: If I ________ my vacation in March. I never would have met Mr. Edwards.
Ans: had taken

Que:No one has figured out exactly ________ caused the power failure.
Ans: what

Que:When _______ us the final draft of the report?
Ans: will you send

Que:When she discovered the briefcase didn’t belong to her, she tried to find out ___________it was
Ans: who’s

Que: The bulky frame made the picture _______ heavy to hang on the wall.
Ans: too

Que: The Vice President __________ a meeting of the senior officers to discuss next year’s budget.
Ans: called

Que:The condition of the merchandise was unacceptable. so I demanded that they give me my money _________.
Ans: back

Que: Monday is a holiday. _________Emily will contact you on Tuesday.
Ans: so

Que:By next February Roger ______ at his new job for six months.
Ans: will be working

Que: Luckily, Mona remembered ___________ an extra set of keys to give to Max.
Ans: bringing

Que: Ms. Costas depends _________ three major accounts for most of her business.
Ans: on

Que: Martin Beale ________ all of the legal matters for RTG Plastics Inc.
Ans: handles

Que: _______ our supplier’s shipment was late. I managed to get most of the order ready.
Ans: Despite

Que: Try to guess the definition of a word without looking it _____________ in the dictionary.
Ans: up

Que:Ms. Elkin had two bags with her when she arrived, _________ ?
Ans: hadn’t she

Que: We are looking to hire someone who has a strong ___________ in management.
Ans: background

Que: No one has yet succeeded ___________ improving on Ms. Glaser’s original design for our company’s logo.
Ans: With

Que: I usually don’t drink ________. but __________they serve at Tom’s Diner is delicious.
Ans: coffee. the coffee

Que: My __________ hard drive is infected with a virus.
Ans: computers

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