Google Education & Google Classroom

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Finally, We Managed – Google Education & Google Classroom
 Codemanbd & Google Education/ Classroom together
 All running students are sent invitations from Google Classroom
 3 years free Google admin/Classroom
 Every Students 30 GB Google drive/ google domains/ cromebooks
 I faced Long 4 hrs interview by google Edu
 I can proof the online strength of CMBD
 best online platform for freelancers
 Vault/ Content/ resource mgt by google
 Attendance/ quiz/ assignments/ content manage – By Google edu
 Clas materials/ video & Vault manage by google edu
 The remittances of cmbd students/ reviews/ students drive content huge downloads/ cmbd website/ huge fb success stories/ 550+ fb and google business students reviews(5.0 out of 5.0) works well for getting such huge assets for free (3 years)
Google education is with CodemanBD Now.
Last 9 months Struggle very much to get a perfect platform for online freelancing learning.
There are lots of great online learning/ live class/assignment/quiz submission/ attendance management tools,
But I have to remember that most of the students are not too much online savvy and some has very few experience(as they don’t know gmail account opening)
( this is a feature of us we promote anyone for freelancing)

after searching using 17 online platforms Google education was preferred much for us, as the Google classroom, Google meet, Google Vault, Google Drive, Google sites, Google group, attendance management, YouTube video management are mostly familiar and easy to use for anyone.
but the straggling is money, each of the student have to pay for G Suite Enterprise for Education(Google Education) – $300 with 100 GB Google Drive, Google domains and other 52 software free use facilities.

as we already educate 1200 students, and currently we have 650 students who are doing class regularly, for each student $300 payment is really tough for us,
So I tried for customer support, during the support I came to know that there is an option if I can prove I am serving for my country for very lowest price with break quality of service of education, and if there are proven success records, with good amount of students review – you can help me e getting Google education for free.
we have every of the requirements already and immediately I apply for that.

few days ago a mail came, saying get ready for and small interview to get Google g Suite education enterprise for free.

How was the time & the barriers
after facing long 4 hours interviews/ showed & verified all of the success/ tracking/ records/ general website/ fb page students reviews/ mostly huge download of google drive premium plugin themes : make easy to give them vive and power of codemanbd

I tried to show and proof what we provided and what is Our success
2.3K students trained
$2.3 Millions remittances by cmbd students
27K+ freelancing jobs/cmbd students
762 freelancers are earning continuously
1230 students admitted already!
during the interview the most important of us was missing of a complete CRM for student tracking. but still I can manage this using our Facebook page group chat management and student tracking form.

a lots of downloads came for my Google drive for premium content themes and plugins, this also help me to get the offer

lots of reviews are there at Google business account for CodemanBD, also there some reviews at our facebook page, to be frank there are 550 plus reviews and all are five star & recommended(5.0 avg review)

I also have each and every success Post tracking at my Google sheet and that calculates we have $2.3 millions of earning Bangladesh.

initial survey and interview with Google education system we came to know that we are congratulate award and gifted how to use Google Education platform for free years

google education system(Offer)

ALL STUDENTS will get 30gb drive storage/ meet/ hangouts/ google groups/ google domain/ google classroom/ google earth/ g suite/ gromebooks/ aladin/ google vault for instant content getting/ duo/ hangout/ K-12/ google cloud/ certificate directly from google.

Now we gonna managing finances/ admission/ resources/ vault / support/ content management/ marketing/ billing / leads/ digital mkt/ webinars

Core of thanks – for making such platform successful

~ NOW ALL IN ONE! G Suite admin Console!

thanks Supti Barman Rinky Chowdhury Dulal Hossain Nill/ Mohibullah Noman Faysal Abir/ Himel Hasan Rony Kader Md Moin Ahmed Arafat Hossain Foysel Ozayer Zamir Takrim Taiful Tomal Sarwar Tonmoy @my mum who helped me a lot in spite of lots of bindings.

specially the tremendous support & dedication of Supti Barman
She – makes my tasks so easy for leading the online support team and students affairs. She keep her eyes to the students “who need help and support” and strong leading power – Make the CMBD Online Support Department strongest / powerful & helpful support team at Bangladesh.

For admission/ finance management Rinky Chowdhury friendly/ trusted management on admission/ payment/ finance management – add huge value | Which wasn’t possible by Only Me!

Thanks Mentor Rony Kader
& Dashing Mentor MD Monir For making me Complete!

Big Love to CMBD Online Support 24/7 Rostering team member – Dulal Hossain Nill + Faysal Abir + Himel Hasan to serve CMBD from the deep of the heart – as i dreamed.

> Welcoming member Diganta Hasan already start contributing US.

>> Thanks Arafat Hossain Foysel – for being with me | every moment !
You are my last moment “Biggest helping hands”

| Big Brand Value & Success Video maker Himel Hasan & Taiful TomalTaiful Tomal
| New baby boy Mohibullah Noman – for taking lead of Design & UI Department! Thanks also for organizing my youtube channel & CMBD FB tutorial page successful!

 Codemanbd & Google Edu/ Classroom
 best online platform for freelancers

Lets break the distance limit!
learn & earn from anywhere!



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