Create audience + create pop up & collect lead
Create campaign > create email> campaign create one by one – send email

============== “
click audience – see already done (FOR SEPARATE – USE TAG)

Signup form / lead collect form / lead collect landing (by youtube iframe embedded share link)
click audinece > view audinece

click sign up form > form builder
build it > edit/add form field as needed
design it > choose page & form background color & filed level color
translate it > just change the button name – as needed JOIN NOW
see the social share link for the form & view this & take the link from browser
elementor > text edit text > get embedded iframe code from youtube share & change url src & put the form viiew link – height : 600

or embedded form code put (form without css / design)
click signup form > embedded form

get codes & put at elementor text edit / text > put directly & get the form

“Lead Collect & extract for future marketing
============== “

click audience – view contacts > click on contact numbers > get all leads
select all > export audience > now check my email > and Download List Data
get the emails and use for future marketing

separate audience by tag
============== “

click audience – view contacts > click on contact numbers > get all leads
these all leads come from one site and lets add a tag for these audience
select all>> add/remove tag > write the tag name & select to apply

SUBSCRIBER AUTOMATION – 01 (Thanks for subscribing mail)
campaign > create campaign > search by : subscriber
trigger > edit > immediately – – – from > auto
subject: thanks for subscribing at webbattalion
TO: the list you want to send > next
Design email: click themes > choose one & customize > next > start sending

SUBSCRIBER AUTOMATION – 02 (welcome new subscriber /survey our store)
ROCK ON > create another automation
click – subscriber activity > welcome new subscriber
campaign name: survey our store
to – edit delay – 1 day
subject: survey our store
“Design email: choose design > write: we are happy to get you!
lets Join for a survey and lets us know your choice so that we can upgrade ourselves.”

SUBSCRIBER AUTOMATION – 03 (prouct target)
ROCK ON > create another automation
click – subscriber activity > welcome new subscriber
campaign name: product target
Trigger edit > advanced settings > edit trigger >
subject: choose a product with 30% discount for 1st purchase
Design email: choose design > write: Be our first customer & get 30% offer!
Design email: choose design >make template – for your service featured points > send

“Subscriber automation – folder
============== “

campaign & get 3 campaign one by one
create a folder “webbataalion/old”
select the 3 campaign > move the campaigns at that folder

============== “

click report tab & get campaign wise daily report which will amuse client

12 new subscriber automation to show clients (client convience)
Mailchimp Subscriber Automations By Triggers
Trigger-01(Confirmation mail)
Trigger-02 (Subscibing Thanks)
Trigger-03 (Survey Form)
Trigger-04 (Product Targetting)
Trigger-05 Product Re-targetting)
Trigger-06 (Product Suggesions)
Trigger-07 (Offer Customers)
Trigger-08 (Purchase Offers)
Trigger-09 (Royals Customers)
Trigger-10 (Order Notification)
Trigger-11 (Order Confirmation)
Trigger-12 (Order Invoice)
Trigger-13 (Retargeting Template)
Trigger-14 (Abandoned Cart)

** I will configure all 12 subscriber automation & take $120 for 30% discount as i really like your behaiviour

** I already create a folder names webbattalion and get all subscriber automation campaign there (go campaign > webbatt folder)

** I will give you video – how to get report of daily click – view – purchase rate – offer noticed subscriber & you can take decision about new target from the daily / weekly / monthly report from – report tab

** I will give you another video – how to get the new subscriber at excel/csv for future marketing


  • at own domain make a pop up form
  • collect lead at mailchimp
  • 2 automation email send
    1) thanks for subscribing is
    2) product target – 50% offers for 1st customer

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