, Rahim Chowdhury One-on-One Learning

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, Rahim Chowdhury One-on-One Learning
, Rahim Chowdhury One-on-One Learning

Raahim Chowdhury

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রাহিম চৌধুরী, কোডম্যানবিডি তে ওয়েব CMS এক্সপার্ট হিসেবে কাজ করছেন গত ৩ বছর ধরে। ফাইভার ও আপওয়ার্ক মার্কেটপ্লেস এ তিনি ৫০০+ কাজ কমপ্লিট করেছেন ও গত ১ বছর ধরে কোডম্যানবিডি তে সফলতার সাথে মেন্টরিং করে যাচ্ছেন।

এছাড়াও তার নিজস্ব ওয়েব এজেন্সী রয়েছে যেখানে অনেক ওয়েব ডেভেলপার কাজ করছেন।

, Rahim Chowdhury One-on-One Learning

Course Duration: 5 Months 

▣ WiX Account Openning & Coming Soon Site

▣ WiX Settings

▣ WiX Bookings

▣ WiX Restaurant Order

▣ WiX Video

▣ WiX Music

▣ WiX Blog

▣ WiX Forum

▣ WiX Chat

▣ WiX Events


▣ WiX Forms

▣ WiX Multilingual

▣ WiX Site Booster & Speed up

▣ WiX Pricing Table

▣ WiX Logo Maker

▣ WiX Paypal & payment Gateway

▣ WiX My Mobile Apps

▣ WiX Testimonial Builder

▣ WiX Easy Magazine

▣ WiX Fitchy Shippig

▣ WiX Amazon

▣ WiX Builder & Design Website

▣ WiX Template Customization

▣ WiX Email Campaigns

▣ WiX Marketing Tools

▣ WiX SEO Tools

▣ Introduction to HTML Setting Up VS Code, Creating a HTML Tag, Basic Layout, Meta Tags,  h,a & p Tags, Images and Video 

▣ HTML Components Forms, Lists, Comments, Tables, Classes and ID’s, HTML5 Semantics, HTML5 Entities

▣ Introduction to CSS CSS Basic Syntax, Selectors, Specificity, Padding and Margin, Box Model, Styling a Button, Display Types

▣ CSS Components Positions, Pseudo Elements and Classes, Media Queries, VH and VW

▣ Basic Landing Page Design Using HTML & CSS (Project: 01) 

▣ Extensions + Software + Web Tools + Bookmark + Google Drive Management

▣ WebFlow Introduction & Environment and Account creation

▣ WebFlow Introduction to the Box Model, Webflow Elements, Div Block, Section, Container

▣ Webflow Elements button, Typography, image, video, forms, menu, slider, tab

▣ Webflow Settings display setting, Flexbox, Grid, List

▣ Home Page Design Designing and Building a Homepage Using Webflow

▣ Creating a landing page (Figma To Webflow- Project: 2)

▣ Navigation and menu Scrolling Menu + Scroll to Top

▣ Introduction to Responsiveness, Responsiveness Tablet, Mobile Landscape & Portrait // 

Build a Full Website Using Webflow (Project: 03)

▣ How to create a pop up/ Lightbox & Subscription Newsletter

▣ Create a complete Personal Portfolio website Using Webflow (Project: 04)

▣ Webflow Optimization Image Optimization & Lazy Load for webflow website

▣ Build a Ecommerce Website Using Webflow (Project: 05)

▣ Webflow SEO, Site Verification & Google Analytics, Search Console & rank on google.

▣ Webflow domain connect Webflow Hosting, Domain Connect & Make website live.

▣ Dropshipping business fundamentals and serve for clients or doing business.

▣ Create shopify partner account | add simple product | use bulk editor | add variants products | add digital product | Inventory | Automated Collections | Gift Cards

▣ Store design implementation: Pick the Right Theme | understanding different menu styles | premium theme customize | Create an effective home page

▣ Shopify Paid theme customization, Page + Post + navigation

▣ PageFly Page builder – Home page design, Product page design

▣ GemPages Builder – Home page design, Product/ Blog page design

▣ Zipify Builder – Home page design, Header & Footer Design

▣ Dropshipping Winning & Profitable Product Research

▣ Shopify Dropshipping With Dsers (Product import, Profit margin calculation & order fulfillment)

▣ Shipping, Tax, Payment Configure for Dropshipping

▣ Coupons & Discounts, Spinning Wheel, Facebook Pixel, Product Review, Facebook Chat, Tidio Chat

▣Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart, free shipping bar, Trust Badge, Instagram Feed

▣ improved contact form, Gform Builder

▣ Mailchimp & Klaviyo email marketing for shopify

▣ Shopify security & speed optimization

▣ Shopify Store complete SEO

▣ SHOPIFY Partner Account & store open

▣ SHOPIFY – Premium Theme Customize + Home Page Design

▣ SHOPIFY Product Upload, Product Type/ tag / catalog / collections / variant

▣ SHOPIFY Page, Post creation, navigation/menu setup

▣ SHOPIFY Sales Channels FB MESSANGER / FB shop / POS / buy now button


▣ SHOPIFY Tidio Chat For reply customer query

▣ SHOPIFY Form Builder by hulkapps & SHOPIFY improved contact form For creating a form

▣ SHOPIFY FREE SHIPPING APP For custom offer top sticky bar

▣ SHOPIFY & Mailchimp/mailmunch for pop up & subscribe automation

▣ SHOPIFY website Speed Optimization

▣ SHOPIFY website Back Up & Clone by rewinding backups

▣ SHOPIFY landing page creation with PageFly App

▣ SHOPIFY landing/product/ collection page creation with Shogun App

▣ SHOPIFY Infinite options shopped app for conditional logic product variations

▣ SHOPIFY Facebook pixel for product/cart / checkout by WinAds: Facebook Pixels app

▣ SHOPIFY review widgets by Judge.me Product Reviews

▣ Fiverr Account Open

▣ Fiverr 7 Gig Open

▣ Fiverr Unique Marketing & Favorite Share

▣ Fiverr App/ Account Refresher Set Up

▣ Fiverr Forum Activities/ Commenting & Reading & Tricks

▣ Fiverr Gig Marketing Reddit & Blog Sites

▣ Fiverr Gig Marketing 100+ Blogs

▣ Fiverr Gig Marketing Pinterest

▣ Fiverr, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook – 10 Bidding (Buyer Request)

▣ Fiverr Quick Reply Set Up – For each 7 gigs

▣ Fiverr Live Site Link(done by yourself) Set Up – To show client immediately

▣ Fiverr Live Site Link(done by yourself) Set Up – To show client immediately

▣ Project Budgeting, Client Negotiation & GIG/Service Pricing

▣ Fiverr Levels & TOS / Order Cancel(Buyer VS Mutual Cancel) & Fiverr Warning

▣ Fiverr Order Completion Rate/ Positive Rating/ Response Rate

▣ Fiverr Account Verify Process + What not to do during verification

▣ How to Add Payoneer account with & Withdraw From Fiverr

▣ Upwork Account Opening

▣ Upwork Profile Complete

▣ Upwork specialized profile design

▣ Upwork Projects to get the auto client

▣ Upwork Bidding & Cover Letter Tricks

▣ Upwork Job invitation

▣ Upwork Fixed & Hourly Jobs

▣ Upwork Time Tracking

▣ Upwork Job Interview & Offer Accept

▣ Upwork job submit and job completion

▣ Upwork 100 Tricks

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