About CodemanBD

Welcome to CodemanBD,

CodemanBD is the premier freelancing learning training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CodemanBD is founded by Minhazul Asif, a seasoned professional and educator in the field of IT and freelancing, our institution stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of freelancing education.

CodemanBD is more than a training center – it’s a community of aspiring learners, passionate educators, and successful freelancers. Our mission is to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the global freelance marketplace.

We’re proud to share that we’ve completed more than 200 batches of training, and our strong community includes over 10,000 trained freelancers. Through dedication and perseverance, our alumni have collectively earned more than $9.6 million from various online marketplaces. These achievements validate our commitment to providing high-quality education that creates real-world opportunities for our students.

Our course offerings are diverse and comprehensive. We provide training in Full Stack Web Development, Ethical Hacking, Graphic Design, Creative Front End, Ecommerce Dropshipping, Elementor & Shopify, WordPress & Ecommerce, Figma & Webflow, Wix & Squarespace, and Lead Generation. This wide range of topics ensures that our students can find a course that fits their interests and career goals.

At CodemanBD, we understand that technology and market needs are constantly evolving. To stay ahead, we update our curricula regularly, ensuring our students are always learning the most current and relevant skills.

In addition to our extensive online offerings, we also provide offline courses on Web Design, catering to learners who prefer face-to-face interaction and hands-on practice.

Under the guidance of Minhazul Asif, our Lead Instructor, each student receives personalized attention and mentorship. Our instructors, all of whom are successful freelancers themselves, bring their real-world experiences to the classroom, enriching the learning journey with practical insights and advice.

Join CodemanBD today and start your journey towards a rewarding freelance career. Together, we can shape your future and redefine what’s possible.