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সাইদুল খান, ই-কমার্স ব্যবসা নিয়ে কাজ করছেন। ফ্রিল্যান্সিং মার্কেটপ্লেসগুলোতে খুবই ভালো অবস্থানের পাশাপাশি দুইটি এজেন্সির সাথে স্থায়ী চুক্তির মাধ্যমে তাদের সকল সাইটের মেনটেনেন্স এর জন্য কাজ করে। ফ্রিল্যান্সিং মার্কেটপ্লেস ফাইবার এ তিনি একজন লেভেল টু সেলার। সফলতার সাথে তিনি গত ৩ বছর ধরে মেন্টরিং পেশার সাথে জড়িত। 


Course Duration: 5 Months 

▣ All about Products & pricing: Install & setup wordpress | add simple product | add variants products | add digital product | Gift Cards | Advanced product variation

▣ Store design implementation: Pick the Right Theme | understanding different menu styles | premium theme customization | Create an effective home page

▣ All about tax & payments: Integrate payment gateway & tax, All about Shipping | order tracking | order manual fulfillment | other essential setting

▣ Woocommerce dropshipping, product import, order fulfillment with ali woo dropshipping plugin Conversions and Average Order Value | Abandoned Checkouts

▣ Set Up live Chat, Facebook pixel, On page seo

▣ Woocommerce speed optimization for your store

▣ woocommerce boost sales, sales funnel, up-sell and cross-sell

▣ Facebook Business manager, Facebook pixel set up for your store

▣ Various Facebook ads management for product and store

▣ Google Adsense account creates and set up google ads for your products.

▣ SHOPIFY Partner Account & store open

▣ SHOPIFY – Premium Theme Customize + Home Page Design

▣ SHOPIFY Product Upload, Product Type/ tag / catalog / collections / variant

▣ SHOPIFY Page, Post creation, navigation/menu setup

▣ SHOPIFY Sales Channels FB MESSANGER / FB shop / POS / buy now button


▣ SHOPIFY Tidio Chat For reply customer query

▣ SHOPIFY Form Builder by hulkapps & SHOPIFY improved contact form For creating a form

▣ SHOPIFY FREE SHIPPING APP For custom offer top sticky bar

▣ SHOPIFY & Mailchimp/mailmunch for pop up & subscribe automation

▣ SHOPIFY website Speed Optimization

▣ SHOPIFY website Back Up & Clone by rewinding backups

▣ SHOPIFY landing page creation with PageFly App

▣ SHOPIFY landing/product/ collection page creation with Shogun App

▣ SHOPIFY Infinite options shopped app for conditional logic product variations

▣ SHOPIFY Facebook pixel for product/cart / checkout by WinAds: Facebook Pixels app

▣ SHOPIFY review widgets by Judge.me Product Reviews

▣ Get Business Leads from zoominfo search

▣ RocketReach (Personal Email Scraper + Social Media – from Linkedin)

▣ Skrapp.io to get business emails from domain & company search

▣ Hunter.io tool to get bulk business email & verify email

▣ Crunchbase.com database to get company information as per industry

▣ ClearBit Tool to get business email searching by title or name of a company

▣ Email Permutator & Contact+ Tool to get email combination + Verify

▣ Email Verify By mailtester.com, hunter & neverbounce tools

▣ Whois Finder (Company info, email and phone scrape from domain provider)

▣ Directory Listing Sites – Get Business & Company Leads From

ATOMIC LEAD EXTRACTOR Software for bulk email/phone number finder

▣ WebContent Extractor Software: To Extract/Scrape any web data to excel

▣ Yellow Pages Spider Tool To scrape data from directories to excel

▣ Cute web email extractor Software To get email & phone from google search

▣ Prospects Tools To Extract Facebook Group Members

▣ Prospects Tools To Scrape Linkedin Page/Group Members

▣ Homes.com For Realtor & House Owner/seller informations

▣ BUZZFILE.COM : Business Competitors Analysis & competitors leads collect

▣ Mailchimp Email Marketing, Email Template & Campaign

▣ MailerLite Email Marketing & Email Automation

▣ Super Email Sender Software (SMTP SERVER) for Bulk Email Sending

▣ Super Email Validator Software for Bulk Email Verifying

▣ Google Advanced Search, Bing, baidu, duckduckgo search engines to get leads

▣ Linkedin Sales Navigator & Linkedin Helper Tool Tools to scrape leads from linkedin

▣ Linkedin Sales Navigator & LeadGibbon tool to get business emails from linkedin

▣ Linkedin advanced search & Skrapp.io Tool to extract business leads to excel

▣ Apollo.io Complete Lead Generation, Email & Phone Finding & Email sending tool

▣ G Suite Business Email Account Open & Warm Up Emails

▣ Woo Commerce Full Setup

▣ Martfury theme, Complete woo-commerce site design

▣ Home page design

▣ Product upload(single+variation)

▣ product Upsell functionality, Basic shipping charge setup, payment gateway setup(local+International)

▣ Advance currency switcher, the coupon applies

▣ Custom product page design(Jet woo builder)

▣ Custom shop page design(jet woo builder)

▣ custom checkout page design,

▣ 2 step checkout form design, checkout form edit

▣ Advance shipping & Product Tracking

▣ Multi-vendor with dokan pro plugin

▣ Dynamic Pricing

▣ Fiverr Account Open

▣ Fiverr 7 Gig Open

▣ Fiverr Unique Marketing & Favorite Share

▣ Fiverr App/ Account Refresher Set Up

▣ Fiverr Forum Activities/ Commenting & Reading & Tricks

▣ Fiverr Gig Marketing Reddit & Blog Sites

▣ Fiverr Gig Marketing 100+ Blogs

▣ Fiverr Gig Marketing Pinterest

▣ Fiverr, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook – 10 Bidding (Buyer Request)

▣ Fiverr Quick Reply Set Up – For each 7 gigs

▣ Fiverr Live Site Link(done by yourself) Set Up – To show client immediately

▣ Fiverr Live Site Link(done by yourself) Set Up – To show client immediately

▣ Project Budgeting, Client Negotiation & GIG/Service Pricing

▣ Fiverr Levels & TOS / Order Cancel(Buyer VS Mutual Cancel) & Fiverr Warning

▣ Fiverr Order Completion Rate/ Positive Rating/ Response Rate

▣ Fiverr Account Verify Process + What not to do during verification

▣ How to Add Payoneer account with & Withdraw From Fiverr

▣ Upwork Account Opening

▣ Upwork Profile Complete

▣ Upwork specialized profile design

▣ Upwork Projects to get the auto client

▣ Upwork Bidding & Cover Letter Tricks

▣ Upwork Job invitation

▣ Upwork Fixed & Hourly Jobs

▣ Upwork Time Tracking

▣ Upwork Job Interview & Offer Accept

▣ Upwork job submit and job completion

▣ Upwork 100 Tricks

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