speed up 90% for any wordpress website

speed up wp
 1. complete all the tasks of website? (IF YES, THEN PROCEED)
 2. do you take back up of the wp website (IF YES, THEN PROCEED) _ Using ALL IN ONE WP MIGRATION
 3. do you take befores after screenshot of gtmetrix and google page speed checker (IF YES, THEN PROCEED)
 4/ take backup of .htaccess
 ** wp rocket:!jOZDBYpI!wO9lSnMAwAarrISrQ7apJczfhKQKTcD8mTo7uwAHbrk
 1. autoptimize:!SeBi2IYB!qGha3Q-Ox4PgEKbYj1kXvLhcdWQ8tUslezybU7TUg5Q
 2. async-javascript:!KCZihaoK!HQ3vF81AWfwl5ZX-ZoU2PudtqEnObf_zujYqAcYoAVg
 Analyze your site’s speed :::
 WaterFall Catcher:
 LightHouse Chrome Extenson:

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