How to apply for google Adsense & google analytics & search console by Google Site Kit Plugin


apply for google adsense & google analytics & search console by Google Site Kit

Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed

– plugin > add new > search by: Site Kit > install & activate
Add Google Adsense :

– adsense > connect service > choose gmail > allow > continue > continue

– add site to adsense

– site url > add site

– Connect your site to AdSense > connect

Run ads on google

– check all is ok from :

– you can also add site manually from adsense >> adsense > sites > add site > site url > add site

– plugin > insert header & footer > at HEADER put the code
– submit

– adsense > ads > overview > turn on AMP

– copy the codes and paste at by insert header & footer plugin

– adsense > ads > overview > edit your site > enable : Auto ads

– enable : all ads format

– ads load : maximum > apply to site > apply now

– now earn from google adsense > check revenue from payment option 🙂

– add payment method like payoneer master card or duel currency supported card

– account > Seller information visibility > Transparent (better revenue)

– account > Google Analytics integration > add google analytics with adsense ( so that you can see both analytics & adsense report together)

– add address to your account > in 14 days you will get a post mail

– start set up

– sign in with google > choose gmail > allow > proceed > allow > add site > go to my dashboard

Add Google analytics :

– analytics > connect service > choose gmail > allow > continue > continue

– choose account

– choose property > set up new property

– add view name: “website name”

– configure analytics > proceed

– check all is ok from :

– get real time traffic > analytic > real time > overview

– get idea on total traffic > audience > overview

Add Search Console :

– search console > connect service > choose gmail > allow > continue > continue

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